Cocoa Tree

To be called ‘‘chocolate’’, a product must contain cocoa. The cocoa

or cacao tree (Theobroma cacao L.) originated in South and

Central America. Cocoa trees grows a high average temperature throughout the year and a

constant high humidity, arising from a plentiful rainfall (1500–

2500 mm).

Tiny flowers , up to 100 000 in number per season,grow on the branches and trunk of the tree throughout the year.These grow into small, green pods called cherelles (Figure 2.3), but

take 5–6 months to develop into mature pods (Figure 2.4) between 100mm and 350mm long. They weigh from 200 g to more than 1 kg and exist in a wide variety of shapes and colours depending on the variety. Each pod contains some 30–45 beans.

Fermentation Procedure.

Correct fermentation is essential to produce a good flavour in the final chocolate.It is a process

in which the bean is killed, so that it cannot be spoiled by germination. In addition, certain chemicals are formed which on heating give the taste of cocoa.


Following fermentation, the beans must be dried before they can betransported to the chocolate making factories. Failure to do this will result in moulds growing on the beans. These give the

chocolate a strong, nasty flavour and so cannot be used. Beans must also not be over-dried. Those with a moisture content of less than 6% become very brittle, which makes subsequent handling and processing much more difficult

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Cocoa chocolate in India

Cocoa chocolate in India

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